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Re: Packers Pre Game Thread

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
I am not a fan of BA, but if the Skins were to shock GB, who is in the thick of the playoff hunt, there would have to be some credibility to his "we are close" claim.

I truly believe Gruden had checked out before the season and the team with him. Had DS cleaned house last offseason the team would have been vastly better off!

As for the game, ARodgers win this by shredding Manusky's D and Guice/AP have combined 160 yds.

36-28 GB wins

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Strongly disagree on that.

This FO and coaching staff have had way too many opportunities to be effective, Manusky has proven again and again he just CAN'T properly coach nor call a defense, Callahan is not a good motivator and is not the future, and we won't attract anyone decent to work under BA's orders.

I don't care if they beat the Packers by 14. In fact i'd take it as another proof that they need to go: the roster is good enough to compete but we won't SUSTAIN any success with them running the show.

But if they do you know how they're gonna spin it like dysfunction was all Jay's fault and it simply took them a couple of games to get it right...
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