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Re: Nyg postgame

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
Was looking at Cards @ Hawks on the All 22, found this play:

Look at #50 at KJ Wright and tell if I'm wrong: he's in zone coverage, he bites to play action, realizes it's a fake, turns around and looks for receivers, sees one entering his zone, picks him up, covers him, everybody's covered, incomplete pass.

Now picture Zach Brown, Bostic, Holcomb or any of our linebackers the past few years in his shoes on that play... tell me our guys are not simply backing out roughly in the direction of their zone, looking at the QB, and never see the crossing route entering their zone behind their back, pass complete for a 25 yards gain ?

Why are they coached to ONLY look at QBs' eyes? Why ?
Cooley has been harping on this for years about the way our secondary is being coached to only key QB eyes.

Before the spiral into the abyss, back when we were a .500 team (the good old days geez), when he was actually doing film breakdowns and grades, he would constantly talk about this.

There is one eligible in a player's zone, but he is standing there staring at the QB instead of covering the only guy near the defender who can catch a pass.

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