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Why moving on from Bruce Allen this year is pivotal to the future of the franchise.

If Dan Snyder wants to have buddies who are well respected in the NFL, have real football knowledge and can help this team build a winning culture -GREAT!

The problem was that he was listening to NFL charlatans like Vinny Cerrato and Bruce Allen. They had no idea how to build a winning football culture and their real knowledge of the NFL was poor. Both were considered very weak GMs - with BA considered the worst in the NFL.

I think giving Alex Smith a position in the team is a big move forward for Snyder. I also really hope Kyle Smith is given the GM job because he has proved his knowledge of NFL talent with an outstanding 2019 draft class. Hes even getting good starters out of UDFA ( Harmon), which is fantastic!

The wicked witch is gone and real, NFL savvy executives are being moved into place. These are all very positive moves!

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