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Re: Around the League Wildcard Week

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
Fuck Houston...overrated team and a bullshit head coach. Fuck the Pats and their cheating bullshit.

Pulling for the Bills and Titans.
Fuck Houston? Why? What have they done to you? And overrated? I disagree,I Don’t know what you’re hearing wherever you live but I am not hearing anybody jumping on their jockstrap about how good they are.
BUT! I couldn’t agree more about the head coach,he sucks.
Taped the game,just finished,wow,if Houston would have lost I would have fired O’Brien,but no way they are beating Baltimore.
Watson is truly fucking superman,That dude has almost 0 time to pass on every play, if it wasn’t for him Houston would suck big time, O’Brien should be sucking his dick right now
Make The Redskins Great Again
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