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Re: NFL Anthem Policy

Originally Posted by BigHairedAristocrat View Post
You’re missing the point - those big powerful white (possible closet racists) are there and in power. You can’t ignore that. That is reality. Because of the noise these powerful men (and their constituents) have made, the discussion has changed from what they supposedly wanted it to be. Instead of talking about white cops killing young black men, were talking about young black men allegedly disrespecting the flag.

The conversation has changed. they have it in their power to redirect the conversation back to what’s really important, but they’ve chosen not to. I blame them for not finding a new strategy to use their platform to get people talking about IMPORTANT things again. We’ll never see progress if both sides just keep digging their heels in and doing the same things.

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Well BLM doesn’t hold their protests during the National Anthem and the same white folks call bullshit on them. I hear what you are saying but I am just saying minds are made up already and racists will never give a crap about a dead black man no matter what the platform. Racism is a disease just like cancer and unfortunately they both find a way to hang around. To paint the kneelers as unpatriotic is just crap that is all im saying really. I wish i had a cure for racism. I wish i had a cure for cancer. I don’t. All I can do is call bullshit bullshit when I see it. Gives me some sense of satisfaction I guess.
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