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Re: Falcons pregame thread

Originally Posted by punch it in View Post
He just is not a very good coach..
I think he is a good Head Coach. A leader of men. A Head Coach doesnt need to be the X and Os guy on offense or defense. RR allocates a good bit to his OC and DC.

We have had mostly bad QB play for the 20 games he has been here. it makes everything so much more difficult.

We tried for Stafford and hoped Fitz would buy us 1 year of serviceable play. While Heinike can scramble, I think he is handicapping the offensive playbook and not seeing the field, not getting the ball out on time as intended. 1/4 of the plays it doesnt matter what Turner called bc Heinike doesnt execute it and reverts to his legs or broken play backyard football.

Lets give RR, Del Rio and Turner the season to see if they can adjust things and improve.
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