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Re: Welcome Jahan Dotson, WR PSU - 1st Round Pick

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
I think when they dropped down to 16 they were hoping Olave or Jameson Williams would be there, they wonít say that publicly of course. Slightly disappointing that it didnít work out that way, because Olave plus the two picks would have been a coup.

Nevertheless the 3rd and the 4th rounder we picked up here should help us add two strong contributors, both of those picks will probably be guys with 2nd round grades thanks to this deep draft.
I agree. They thought Hamilton, Olave, or Williams would fall to 16. That didnít happen so they panicked and took Dotson. Getting the extra 3rd and 4th helps, but Iím convinced we couldíve traded down to the 20ís, grabbed an extra pick or two, and still got Dotson.
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