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Re: Draft grades

Originally Posted by JoeRedskin View Post
I have no doubt that Trent could be a HOF LG. However, I think he is potentially a HOF LT which is a much more important position. Ty is a good LT; a solid starter. Not sure he will be that at LG.

So, as a combination:

LT Ty + LG Trent > LT Trent + LG Ty.

Hard to move an All-Pro LT inside no matter how you cut it though.
I hear what you are saying, and agree about it being hard to move TW inside. but just for one minute, could you stop and imagine Scherff, TW, and Roullier pushing the pocket forward with Moses and Nsheke blocking the edges out, Guice deep back split JReed to one side with Crowder, Doctson and Richardson to the other. That would be an excellent front for run or pass. I am sure it's Burgundy glasses, but I see opposing defensive coordinators calling in sick Sunday mornings before the game.
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