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Re: At What Point will NFL Officiating Be Held Responsible

Originally Posted by TheGuyFromOverThere View Post
Not completely disagreeing with you, but... "If a team lost a game because of a missed call".

Scenario: 1 minute to go, team is 4 points behind
  • 1st and goal - dropped pass in the endzone, receiver was completely uncovered
  • 2nd and goal - receiver again completely uncovered, overthrown
  • 3rd and goal - RB stopped for no gain
  • 4th and goal - Field Goal missed, blatant and brutal roughing the kicker, not called
So... has the missed roughing call lost the team the game? Or was it the inability to catch or throw to a wide open receiver?
That's why you have a review panel as he suggested. One that can take in the whole flow of the game, and context of a called or uncalled penalty.

In the Pittsburgh game for example, the missed call was egregious BUT, Pitt rallied, then couldn't stop a second half rally. It would not be worthy of the worst sanctions, but certainly there should be sanctions that emphasize the impact of the call at the time, and on the end score.
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