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Re: Skins Wins - predictions go here

Originally Posted by Ruhskins View Post
Case's giveaways numbers were terrible last year in Denver: 15 INTs and 8 Fumbles. However, his numbers in 2017 with the Vikes were 7 INTs and 1 fumble.

I keep bringing the 2017 Vikings because there is a slight chance the Redskins could somehow create a similar environment, where Case can game manage the team to a winning record:

- Wide Receivers: Diggs and Theilen broke out in 2017, the season prior to that, they were average young wideouts that no one knew about. This is a long shot, but maybe we have one or two of the young wideouts breakout in the same manner.

- Running Game: Guice, AP, and CT are a much much much better running game than Lativius Murray, McKinnon, and the 4 games that Dalvin Cook played in 2017.

- Offensive Line: Minnesota has had issues with their offensive line for several seasons, a lot of Vikings fans were complaining last season how they spent so much money on the QB position without spending money on the o-line (sounds familiar?).

- Defense: As you pointed out, the Vikes 2017 defense was elite; I don't think our defense is elite right now, but they do have top 10 or even top 5 potential.
The proof will be in the games but the people posting like chicken littles are ignoring the fact that this team does have several strong areas, and if TW does come back then our line gets instantly better. TW Flowers our C Scherff Moses when healthy is a strong line.

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