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Re: Why moving on from Bruce Allen this year is pivotal to the future of the franchise.

Chico - all good points, I think you covered everything. I want Bruce and the coaching staff fired. But that creates its own problems:

1. Who then picks GM, Pres of Oper and HC?

2. Who does Snyder hire first? I imagine he will need to hire a GM or Pres first so they can lead the HC search.

But who for GM? How will Dan Snyder find his next GM if he is all by himself? I think Snyder likes staying in-house so would it be:

Pres - Eric Shaeffer

GM - Kyle Smith

Somehow promote Alex Santos so he stays happy about not being GM.

Doug Williams? I like Doug but I dont think he lives and breathes college players and scouting like Kyle Smith does. Kyle Smith will most likely be poached from us if he dont promote and protect him.

Does Smith and Scheaffer have the league petigree to go out and get a respected HC? or are they still to young and unknown outside of DC?

^^ I think Id actually be okay with this but do Schaeffer and Smith have the stones to not be a Snyder lackey? While giving Snyder the impression they are lackeys. Can Doug be Snyder's buddy to replace Bruce as Snyder's buddy bc Snyder needs a buddy.

3. How do we keep Cavanaugh and OConnell? Do we promote OConnell to HC and Cavanaugh to OC? But then the new HC gets no say on the offensive side of coaching.

Perhaps if we made a Todd Bowles type our HC, he wouldnt mind punting on the OC control as much?


Once we destroy everything .. what step 1 of the rebuild process?

Itd be great if we had a seasoned somewhat older guy to hold Snyder's hand through the process and use his connections but who? Doug Williams perhaps?
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