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Re: What do you want to see the rest of the Year?

WR - Richardson is hurt, but donít play him even if he recovers.Heíll be dumped by the new HC. Another guy I want to ride pine is Terry Quinn. Heís been a huge disappointment. Play McLaurin , HARMON and then try Steve Sims, Cam Sims to see how they do by playing consistently. Steve Sims has had a few big plays but can be perform as a first team WR? Like to see if Cam Sims can improve over the TC drops.

Generally bring in every young player and play them over the vets. Many of the vets have given up now, so the rookies will inject some vigor in the team and may improve with playing. If the new HC has a brain he will dump all the overpaid, under-performing vets. Itís time to go young. I donít care if the newbies blow some plays, they canít do worse than the vets in there.

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