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Re: Warpath vs ExtremeSkins

I'm late to the party - but i've spoke of my issues with ES skins in years past.

Long story short - I am here because of the great Extreme Skins member purge of 2008.

As others have pointed out -there are some assholes and idiots that run, manage, and maintain the site.

There is a guy on there named "Zoony" who is an obvious racist and hate crime type person. He insulted another poster and insinuated that they should be either hung from a tree or drug behind a car. he said they did things like that where he was from.

I finished my tenure there after challenging him to a fight as one of my friends told me his real name and where he worked, his phone number, etc.. I still have emails from him where he tried to talk his way out of it after i messaged him with all of his personal information. I know now in hindsight he could have called the police on me but please consider that he implied inflicting harm on me, using the exact words "box my head" which is a slang term for putting me in a coffin. I'm almost positive his comments against african american folks and other minorities could be considered criminal....
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