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Re: Case Keenum to the Skins

"Broncos have trade parameters with Washington for QB Case Keenum: Broncos get WAS 6th in 2020, WAS gets Broncos 7th in '20, per source. Keenum's contract reworked. Broncos pay him $500K restructure bonus and pay $3.5 million of his $7M salary. Washington pays $3.5 mi. "

Its fine for one year. What did we realistically expect for this season? Would have rather had Rosen but Cards seemed to stop playing ball on the trade. Its going to be a 6/7 win season. Maybe we finally toss a season and build a tem for the future. We are paying him 250k more than Colt.

When people were talking $18M(unsubstantiated) 20mins ago, I was going to lose it.
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