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Re: Redskins sign Landon Collins 6 yr/84M

Originally Posted by NC_Skins View Post
If you think this signing is good, then you are just as fucking bad as our shitty ass GM. This team doesn't need a 14mil/yr safety who's not going to do much for our team. He's not going to help with pass coverage because he's a in the box type safety. He's not going to help with our LBs not being able to cover/tackle. He's not going to help with our shitty QB play. He's not going to help with our in-consistent blocking.

Just a overall dumbass move. We need to call this season what it is. A lame duck season for Gruden and Bruce Allen. Allen sure knows how to sucker you guys. Just sign the hottest guy and BLAM, you're right back into the kool-aid.

Mark my words. This team will be no better than 7-9 next year, and we're fucking our salary cap in doing so. It's better to build a team from bottom up conserving that cap until we need to spend it. Sure there is a cap floor, but that doesn't mean you need to spend it all. You can roll over unused cap. Good teams do this. Bad teams like ours waste it and max it out on average players.
Gotta disagree on a few things. Our safeties tackling was a huge issue last year. Often the scheme was good and players whiffed. Collins won't whiff. We have competent CBs our issue was often middle of the field, like TEs. Again LC will help. Our D had shining moments, especially the front line so a strong mid field presence was crucial.

Whether the price was worth it is a separate question and for now I think we have to wait on answering it.
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