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Re: Post "end these crazy PO talks" game thread

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
I have no idea, this is why I said we can discuss their grading system all we want. I don't know exactly how relevant it is, but I don't think it's completely irrelevant either. Just speaks to Haskins not being the complete hopeless bust we could have thought he was the first 2 games.

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Cooley discussed their grading system on his pod today episode 94.

He complimented pff for all of the analytics and stats they measure, then said their grades are worthless.

He is a company man, ripping the grading system that was the only outlet who rated Haskins as remotely positive.

A few years ago, Trent received a negative grade from pff for the same game Cooley said coaches should show film of to demonstrate how to play tackle.

I don't have any faith in the reliability of their grading system but to each his own.

FYI, my neighbor James graded him out at a 68. He watches football all the time...

You now have more info for how I viewed his performance than you do from pff.

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