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In the immortal words of Doug Kenney aka Stork from Animal House - what the hell we supposed to do, yah moron?

Long time lurker here ... and slightly intimidated by the knowledge on this forum ... especially you cap-ologist dudes (holy moly) .... I am curious ...

How would you prioritize the needs on this team, and how would you fill 'em? We have some pretty big holes to try and plug.

Offensive Tackle
Offensive Guard
Wide Receiver
Edge Rusher

And hell ... Tight End needs some re-tooling too in my opinion. We're old, fragile, or both right now. Finding a "Gronk Lite" would be useful. At pick 15, we could rightfully pick ANY of the above positions.

So be front office for a minute, and tell me how you'd go forward. Cuz I don't have the slightest clue.

I worry about O-Line the most. I'm a huge Louisville Cardinal fan, and I worry that we may have reached on my boy Christian last year. He has potential ... but I'd feel better if he had one more year to grow. Throwing him in this year, on anything more than emergency spot duty, could be disastrous for him, and us. Our recent injury issues on OLine makes me worry about that.

So in honor of another Louisville great, Joe Jacoby, I'm inclined to go O-Line in this draft -- early and often -- but again ... I don't have the slightest clue.

As Stork said "what the hell are we supposed to do?"
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