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Re: Come up with a new name for the Redskins

The more I think about it the more I like these three, in this order:

Redtails - as mentioned, it honours the military and specifically an important unit and it won't require massive rebranding; colours, designs and fight song can remain very similar.
Renegades - keeps the NA motif and again, little change needed
Warriors - mostly allows the branding to remain the same but will likely need reworking of the fight song.

I'm not religiously attached to the name as much as the team (not even the city as I've only been to DC once although I loved it), so my opinion is likely not massively important. But I don't think its pandering to the PC brigade; it has to be acknowledged that the word can be used as a derogative, even if rarely so any more. Better to start clean with a name that can't be associated with any rationally negative connotation, and maybe start a positive new era in the franchise history.
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