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Chase Young or Three First Round Picks?

Peter King just said that someone in the Redskins organization told him at the Senior Bowl: “Three First Round Picks could change our team THIS season”. Let’s just say that Miami offered the Redskins their:
picks to guarantee ability to get Tua at the #2 spot. What would you do? If you took the “Reverse of the RG3 pick”, who would you put in those draft spots?

Three first rounders gets you three starters in spots of absolute need. They may not just be starters but the may be very good or even excellent starters. You get excellent to outstanding starters on the cheap. What say you : an outstanding superstar for a decade or three excellent to outstanding starters that turn your team around this season.

I’m sure this statement to King was done ON PURPOSE, to float this idea in the NFL and see what the Redskins can actually get for a trade. If the King’s Ransom is high enough, they might do it.

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