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Re: Could the Skins do what the 49ers did in 2019-20?

Originally Posted by SFREDSKIN View Post
I bet they make the playoffs and maybe beyond. There is way too much young talent on this team that hasn’t been coached or used properly.

There is no doubt that the Redskins will surprise many teams used to the undisciplined team that could never get up for the “must win” game. The first surprise will be the defense. This defense has been POORLY coached for over 5 years. Although the ‘skins had 46 sacks last year (10th in the NFL), it really didn’t help their defense - which was near the bottom of the NFL (27th).

I think the defense will turn around VERY QUICKLY. If we draft Chase Young, we will have a fearful rush. This rush will generate lots of turnovers which will make our defense more exciting. You won’t see the confusion of last seasons DB missing assignments because they were unsure of Manusky’s complex schemes. We might get into the top 10 for the defense.

The offense has a lot more questions. I think the team could win 8 games. They might surprise everyone and get to the playoffs in the wildcard but that’s probably next year. But hope you’re right!!

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