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Re: Bucs beat down postgame

Originally Posted by AnonEmouse View Post
I want to see how Smith-Williams, Toohill and Toney shape up. We have an opportunity for at least one of them to step up in the next few weeks until Sweat is back, not to mention filling in for Young. I want Sweat and Young to be great here, but we need to know if we have the next guy up to take their place in relief anyway.

But also if Young isn't back at the start of next season, doesn't get back to where he was last year etc. then we need to know if we have the guy on the roster to be that needed edge rusher, and if not, plan how to will fill that spot. If one of them really steps up then it gives us the luxury of having trade bait and/or options if Young is absent for longer than hoped.
Easy to say than done. Rivera said that none of the free agent pass rushers want to sign with us in the offseason because of Young and Sweat. We likely will have to use draft to find backups.
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