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Sliding Doors...

For those that don't know, there's a film called Sliding Doors, where the leads life is played out based on 2 threads, one where she catches a train, one where she misses it. Seems we're virtually in that scenario now; beat Dallas follow path A, lose to Dallas, follow path B. For me:

A - win out, scrape into the playoffs, win 1st game then get stomped by the likes of GB or TB, end up with a very similar scenario to last spring; no established #1 QB, holes all over (predominantly OL and LB) with a weak draft position and no great prospects to plug them all via FA or the draft.

B - Lose 2 of 3 at least, out of playoffs, top 10 pick. Possibility of plugging at least 1 hole, especially if Corral is still available when we pick.

I find myself hoping for A, but knowing that B is more likely and probably the better path in the long run.

What's your A and B path?
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