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Re: Eagles round 2 pre-game

Originally Posted by SunnySide View Post
Playoff chances

- Skins win both

and 1 of the following .....

- 49ers lose both; Vikes, Saints, Falcons lose 1

- Eagles lose both; vikes, falcons, saints lose 1

- Eagles lose both, vikes lose 1; Saints lose to Falcons wk 17

We currently have a 6% chance, lowest among non-eliminated teams. Goes up to 21% if we win vs Philly.


This doesnt seem right or possible
It's one of those things where if we squeak in, the legitimacy of the playoffs takes a little bit of a hit, in my eyes. We are a terrible team, and don't deserve to play in the post season.
That said....I would root my balls off for each playoff game.
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