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Re: Jonathan Allen Signs - Training Camp begins Tomorrow

Jon Allen's new deal, starting with cap hits (2022: $9.5 million); (2023: $21.5 million); (2024: $21.5 million); (2025: $23 million). It lowered his 2021 hit to $7.1 million. He gets up to $1 million in a roster bonus each year plus a $500,000 workout bonus each season. Dead cap charges by year: $26 million; $18 million; $12 million; $6 million. The total guaranteed money: $35.6 million. His 2023 base salary of $14 million becomes fully guaranteed of the third day of that league year.

Both these breakdown of deals provided by Keim.

Looks like Allen has an out after 2024, but good deal.
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