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Re: YOU play GM (Since we don't have one)

Originally Posted by EARTHQUAKE2689 View Post
Ok since I am the GM that means Bruce Allen is fired.

1. Trade Trent Williams- Call up New England, Cleveland, and Kansas City see if I can get a 1st still.

2. Put Ryan Kerrigan on the block as well- As much as I love him it is time to go, see if I can get a 3rd or 4th for him.

3. Get rid of all these over the hill never had a prime QB (McCoy, Keenum)

4. Fire Manusky in the most disrespectful way I can think of at the time.

5. Put out trade flyers for Josh Norman as well.

6. Get Haskins ready to play vs. Miami

7. Interview O'Connell for the head coaching job, as well as getting Louis Riddick on the phone to see if he wanted to be permanent GM after I am done with this.

8. With our first 1st round pick take either Jerry Jeudy, Grant Delpit, or Chase Young.

9. Punch Dan Synder and Bruce Allen in the kidney before leaving Redskin park.

You want a WINNING culture, You call Lou up immediately after this season and open the book for his services as GM, then he can hire Tomlin and BOOM we are on a great track

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