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Re: Who Donít You Want at 11?

Originally Posted by KI Skins Fan View Post
I agree with you about the QBs. Why not Drake London? Would you trade the #11 pick to Seattle for DK Metcalf?
No because we got a guy we already have to payÖcanít do DJ too. We need a WR who is gonna be on a 5 year deal and a playmaker

Why not London? Kinda goes back to what Cooley use to say about WR, you need an X, you need to find a dude. A guy who is fast, get separation, beat his guy off the line and who d coordinators scheme around. London is an underneath guy, more of a big targetÖand some are saying could be a slot because you want to limit cb getting his hands on him. Thatís not first round material imo.

I could be wrong, but he worries me the most.
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