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Originally Posted by OnceWeWereKings View Post
Let's be honest....he was doing check downs and relievers were getting yac. He was still pretty inaccurate for about 80% of the game. He didn't throw any interceptions...but he's still throwing oddly off his back foot and off balance. At one point he did a 360 and threw off his back foot with absolutely no pressure on him. This is a kid whose in way over his head.

Agreed. As I have said, the “experts” were dazzled by Ohio State’s team play in his senior year, but Haskins has only one season of college experience. Seven games last year and his 4 games this season. Under 30 games experience since high school!! What?? How do you rate a guy, with so little experience, into the first round draft?

Haskins should have been ranked in the second and third round and as a project QB. He’s just too green. But I don’t think Allen is the answer, otherwise someone would have picked him up for the first string. Our offense, WR, TE and OL are a year from being ready for ANY QB!

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