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Coaching and Front Office Changes

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Yeah, itís an old boy system but thatís also because people making the decisions are looking for pedigree and prior coaches they worked with. The trouble if you make a huge leap of faith, say like when Snyder hired a QB coach (Zorn) to be the HEAD COACH, it often can turn out terribly wrong.

Gruden was a good OC , but then he really wasnít ready for HC, especially when the person making the personnel decisions was a total idiot (Bruce Allen). Gruden has a good pedigree with prior HC he worked with, a good run as OC with the Bengals, but he was anchored DOWN by Allenís personnel mistakes AND he never really nailed down a very good DC.

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His OC run with the Bengals was not that great. But his last name was.
And Zorn wasnít an unknown commodity. He was a player coach in the league for 100 years. Gruden was a mediocre OC and an awful HC and there are literally hundreds of people out there who are better than him. But they arenít part of the old boys network.
Douche Snyder ruined my Sundays.
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