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Re: Redskins Salary Cap Status - 2020

Although Cooper and Byron Jones May be available from the Cowboys in FA, I just donít see the Redskins biting for either one.
Why not? Because both are going to be Uber-expensive.

The Redskins have already franchise tagged Scherff for $16.1 mill.
Although there are many suitors for TE Hooper, I predict the Redskins will WIN the bidding war for him. Heís the REDSKINís #1 target for 2020 FA!!Thatís another $11 mill.
Then they want to sign Flowers - $4-6 mill.

For CB, I think Rivera will go for old Redskinís Breeland AND Fuller. FS - ex-Panther Boston. For LB - Schobert from Cleveland.

For OT and WR #2 and TE#2 I think that Rivera will see if Kyle Smith can draft our way out of these holes on the team. Whatever we get for Trent Williams-whether a second or two thirds, plus our actual third rounder will go toward getting an OT, TE and WR.

For OT, the team will use the philosophy of throwing lots of jello on the wall to get something to stick - regarding getting getting a rookie OT to start. We will draft a bunch of OTís, especially in UDFA , to get a winner and a project or two. Penn will be let go. Christian will be let go. TE in the draft is the backup to Hooper. WR in the draft will compete with Harmon.

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