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New Team President

Wright was interviewed in the last couple of days and said the changes at all levels of the WFT are more than cosmetic and he’s excited to be part of the new culture.

When I look at a complete loser like Bruce Allen running the team, it’s amazing the team didn’t go further downhill than it did. Allen’s attitude of “we’re an excellent team, who’s had a couple bad breaks”, is in retrospect another version of the “king has no clothes” mindset. Allen was never willing to tell the truth and never willing to make the sacrifices by being honest about where the team was truly at mentally, physically and spiritually.

I’m excited to see Wright in action and to take care of the off-season and off-field WFT affairs that Allen considered so important, but completely mismanaged, as he did everywhere else.

It also is EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE, that Wright’s public take on the WaPo allegations was more concerned about the current & future work atmosphere and the future of the entire WFT organization, versus just trying to protect Snyder. Given Snyder’s past quick firings of senior executives who were independent, Wright’s stand took guts!

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