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Originally Posted by mike340 View Post
I think that Snyder is much more competent than most give him credit for.

At the end of the 2018 season he was so furious he stormed off and didn't talk to anybody. (If I do this it means I'm so angry with everybody I don't want to have anything more to do with them.) If he had fired them right there he would have to quickly rush to replace them. My feeling is at that time he decided he would fire them, but that he needed time to arrange for good replacements and strategies. So he took a full year to figure out a good plan and then executed it. I imagine he used the help of Gibbs and Alex Smith (good character and good football player) to get ideas on how to proceed, probably along with the help of others. The result is a sequence of considered decisions that seem to have generated excellent results.

We will see how everything pans out, but it appears that most of the decisions have been excellent. Let's hope for the best.

You are right, the influence of Alex Smith really helped Snyder to finally make the move to dump Bruce Allen. However, I wouldn’t give him too much credit. It took 20 years of consistently poor football before Snyder decided to:

1. Bring in a strong HC, who was given a wide range of power, AND

2. Finally discharging his lackey GM (either Bruce Allen or before him Vinnie Cerrato) who Snyder used to make the football and personnel decisions that Snyder wanted.
Even Gibbs and Shanahan we’re handicapped by Snyder (through Cerrato or Allen) making inputs on the draft, personnel and other team decisions.

It was clear to Snyder that Rivera was NOT even GOING TO INTERVIEW unless Allen was gone. 20 years of failure is a pretty shallow learning curve!

I wonder also if Snyder started to hear the rumors of the tsunami of the sexual harassment & toxic work environment charges that were going to be eventually leveled at the team through the WaPo. It was amazing how fast even powerful Redskin execs like Larry Micheals were let go. I’ve got to think that Snyder must have finally realized how extensively he had to clean house to get the culture change he says he wants. I wonder if Snyder himself will be the final sacrifice for the rot he allowed to happen on his watch - for the team’s poor record on the field, his high ticket and concession prices to the fans, and finally how the team badly mistreated some of its female employee’s at the same time. There is little to celebrate for the first 20 year’s of Snyder’s reign, except that perhaps he has finally got a bunch of NFL-savvy adults running the show, at all levels of the organization. With little input from him!!

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