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Re: Who will be the next coach of the Redskins and does it even freakin matter?

Originally Posted by punch it in View Post
Well it is that time again, although this turn seemed a bit overdue. Gruden was terrible at calling plays, and terrible at selecting his staff. He failed miserably at selecting a DC. He was horrible at halftime adjustments. So imo he was the wrong guy, up against Dan and Bruce or not. Who will the next guy be? Who donyou want it to be? I cant stop thinking Urban Meyer. He isnít currently coaching and Haskins and McLaurin are a draw for him.
Does it even matter though? Will DS and BA say all the right things about team control and than pull their strings from yachts and luxury boxes? Will the new HC have the insight to let DS know BA has to go?
I'm betting someone from Ohio State, who was the QB coach there when Haskins was there?
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