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NFL Anthem Policy

I just cannot stop thinking about Roseanne when she mocked the national anthem right into the ground. Yet she and Trump are bff’s? The man obviously has selective memory and chooses to remember the players who used the moment to further us as a society, yet to the best of my knowledge has no problem with what she did. Imo it was about as disgraceful as it gets. And make no bones about it, this whole policy stems from his disdain for the kneeling. If he did not go on a twitter tantrum about it we would ALL have continued watching and it would be nothing more than water cooler talk. But the ones who actually stopped watching and twisted the protest into some sort of anti patriotic bullshit are the same ones who follow Roseann on twitter. It is so effing hypocritical. Of course there are some who hate what Roseanne did and what Kaep did but there are millions upon millions who stand behind Roseanne and her Trumpy bigotry and continue to attack the athletes for a peaceful protest. It is mind numbing.

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