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Re: Redskins O.T.A.

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
That's really the problem in a nutshell - we have no #1 (or even a #2?) that scares defenses. There are some lottery tickets that could hit - Cam Sims? McLaurin? If they hit then we're in business. But until we see it from them - I'm definitely imagining an offense that doesn't threaten the secondary. Coordinators will be willing to stack the box against Guice and Peterson, and willing to blitz and leave corners on an island to challenge the passing game to win under pressure.

It points to a team with zero margin for error. The defense will have to keep us in games, and whether we win or lose will depend largely on whether we have success running the ball against stacked fronts, and whether we can take care of the ball. McCoy and Keenum are known to turn it over. Haskins is a rookie so we have no idea.

We're looking at a ton of close games, 23-21, 20-17, 24-23, stuff like that. Which points to 9-7 if we stay healthy, and 6-10 if we don't. To talk about 10+ wins or more, we have to see something from this WR group we haven't seen before. The lotto ticket needs to hit.
I think Haskins will open it up more than Smith did of course but I agree, the talent just isn't there.

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