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Re: Dwayne Haskins

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
Colt is so bad, I really don't understand the love he gets from some fans. The dude can never ever stay healthy and when he does play it's at a very avg level.

Originally Posted by Buffalo Bob View Post
Didn't his one win as a Redskin come against the Cowboys? I think that is the team Redskin fans hate most, I know I do.

Originally Posted by DYoungJelly View Post
On Monday night?!?!?

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I just looked it up, it was Monday night, on the road and the 20-17 win came in OT plus the Cowboys were 6-1 before the game. Since he is 0-1 in the play-offs and has a .444 winning percentage that would be considered an epic win for a Jay Gruden coached team. That was almost 5 years ago and Colt has been nothing but a disappointment since then.
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