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Re: Report: Dan Snyder directly accused in 2009 sexual harassment lawsuit

As others have said, Snyder may end up with a tighter death grip on this franchise by buying out the minority owners. Of course, Snyder will then be able to claim that every accusation was a money-generated lie in order to force him out by those minority owners.

The key issue is in the UNKNOWN allegations by other women, who have talked to the NFL since Snyder had to stop his intimidation campaign using his army of lawyers and private investigators and his non-disclosure clauses. Some women talked to the WP and their allegations were used in articles in 2020. Are there ANY MORE verifiable stories out there, by other female employees? That’s the $ 3.4 billion question and the future of this franchise!!

This was either a smear campaign by one of the minority owners to increase the value of his shares OR the Redskins organization was truly a nasty, chauvinistic organization that Snyder ran like a petty, tin-plated dictator.

Difficult to know the truth. Snyder has undoubtedly spent the last 20 years driving this franchise into the dirt, largely killing off a once-proud fan base. He used lackey GM’s to privately run the team like his personal fantasy football team, and he was terrible at it. The stadium is over-priced and awfully run down. It has only been after two decades of continuous failure that Snyder was forced to relinquish control of the team to bring Rivera onto the property.

The question is: did Snyder privately treat women employees like dirt, while simultaneously driving the team to the bottom of the NFL for 20 years and driving away the fans????

I DOUBT we will EVER know the full truth. If all the bad things are true, the NFL owners will vote Snyder out quietly, in the deadest days of the offseason, and force him to sell and make a couple $billion. In exchange for the sale, Snyder will not be embarrassed further.
The NFL will simply say, “The WFT ownership is being changed for the good of the NFL”.

If many of these stories and rumors were just money-fueled BS, then the NFL will quietly allow Snyder to buy up the minority owners share. The NFL will simply say, “The allegations against the owner of the WFT could not be substantiated.” However, in exchange for letting him remain the owner the NFL ALSO probably force Snyder to pay off all the accusers in a private settlement.

It may be easier to do the latter program. Snyder stays in power, the minority owners get bought out for a profit for them and the accusers are bought off for an undisclosed amount.
Snyder presents his plan to Maryland, Virginia and DC to build a new stadium using his own money, in exchange for gambling rights. One state government will bite on that deal.

If there are lots of real and verifiable stories of Snyder’s or his minions misdeeds the NFL may be bold and force him to sell. The NFL doesn’t want to lose the female audience in the region because they coddle a sexist, creepy, misogynist - even if he is a billionaire. Snyder has no friends, anywhere, except his paid lawyers and private eyes, so assuming he will win out because he is rich may be incorrect.

We’ll see what happens this Spring!!

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