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Re: Who will be the next coach of the Redskins and does it even freakin matter?

Originally Posted by rocnrik View Post
You guys are on the mark for saying it wonít matter who the next coach is with Bruce/snyder in charge.. Case in point is haskins.. so The story is Jay did not want him but he was overruled .. Haskins does nothing in camp and pre season to convince Jay .. when he gets put in he plays bad .. Jay gets fired and the new coach doesnít think Haskins is ready to play.. so are you guys siding with Bruce and snyder or do you think the coaches know more... my opinion is I trust the coaches more than the front office.. If Haskins canít impress a coach to play him over colt and Case damn that means we blew a top pick yet agian .. and after realizing you guys are correct about Bruce and dan would that be a surprise...
Couple of things to untie. Juts my opinions.

1. I dont think Jay didnt want Haskins, he just didnt want Haskins at 15 overall.

2. Id say the majority of fans agree that Haskins is not ready-ready. I think the fan divide is what is best for Haskins long term - (1) play the kid and let him learn by fire, he will only learn if he gets live reps, or (2) play the vets and bring the kid along until he is better prepared to read defenses, slide protections, etc.

3. I dont think many people are saying Haskins was a blown pick. Way to early to tell. I think fan divide comes into just how much of a project he is. Me personally, I think Daniel Jones starting for 4 years or so was way more prepared to start than Dwayne Haskins and his 14 games at OSU.

I think he is a project and even though he spurned the Terps and my view of Haskins is coming from a negative place .. his arm talent is there and he seems to hang tough in the pocket perhaps to tough to relaxed imo.

He has the tools, I just dont like him turning into an RG3 light with his liking of an instagram post of Jays firing and some other stuff. Apparently with RG3 in meetings he would repeatedly say "yeah I got it, i got it" then come game time not have a clue.
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