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Re: Redskins have claimed LB Reuben Foster

Originally Posted by irish View Post
IMO, the main reason the Skins (or any team for that matter) didn't consider Kaep is because he hasn't taken a snap in two years. He's been out of the league too long now.
He also has a laundry list of things he did other than kneeling for the flag. Wore socks to practice that depicted police as pigs. Made internet posts comparing cops to runaway slave catchers. He praised Fidel Castro and wore a shirt with his likeness.

He also did football related things teams would not like. He switched to a vegan diet without professional supervision losing an overly excessive amount of muscle mass while recovering from surgery. He dated a teammates ex who may not even be an ex at the time that caused them to almost come to blows and some supposed damage to Kap's car. That guy was Aldon Smith, some of Smith's issues could have been tied to Kap. He was also aloof and kept mostly to himself, he did not interact with teammates like a leader should. He also worked hard in areas he was already good at, running and strength, and would not put in the extra work where he was deficient. If you want more study film on his play. He flees the pocket early, never gets past a second read and locks on receivers. He is extremely poor at reading defenses.
His early successes were from mostly his running, he steadily went downhill after his initial success. He has been out of football 2 years and is 3-16 the last two seasons he played.

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