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Re: Dumpster fire Postgame

Originally Posted by BaltimoreSkins View Post
It is frustrating and mind numbing. I really believe the name Snyder will be like uttering the name Irsay here in Baltimore. Except no way does Snyder move the team. Seeing the fan interest become what it has is so sad. In the offseason I have zero confidence that he will be able to find a quality/competent GM. He has been majority owner for 20 years. If he hasn't figured it out by now he never will. It is clear what has made him successful in other avenues of business is not translating football wise and he does not know what to do.

He doesnít really have to do a damn thing but hire someone to build a fucking football team and save our universe. He has the authority and means to do such things. He isnít afraid to spend money. Work on a new better easier access stadium and hire a GM and just sit back. Clean house. Start over. It cannot be Doug Williams. It certainly cannot be Allen. I wonder what is a tougher hire these days...chief of staff or Redskins GM? I mean for God sakes where is the guy we thought we had when McCloughan came on board? WHERE R U DUDE???? WE NEED U!!!! WHOEVER U ARE??
Douche Snyder ruined my Sundays.
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