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Re: In the immortal words of Doug Kenney aka Stork from Animal House - what the hell we supposed to do, yah moron?

Not a bad first post, and I think the community appreciates thoughtful engagement. No reason to feel intimated as long as you put some effort into our opinions.

I also think it's getting to that time where it's nice to step back and understand exactly where we stand. It's easy to think the Redskins are completely lost and hopeless, however I think there are some great things going for this team.

For starters, this defensive unit has a ton of potential. It certainly seems like that has been the core focus of management, and I do not see a reason to stop. I think filling in the secondary would be smart, and could be done day 2 of the draft. You could stay local and snag either Juan Thornhill (UVA), or Darnell Savage (UMD) for a nice compliment to Collins. Regardless of who we end up getting, someone that could play FS and step in at nickel when needed would provide great relief.

Secondly, you are right about tight end. It's traditionally been a strong point on this team with JR and VD, but I think going into 2019 with the status quo would be a massive mistake. This team desperately needs consistency and young talent at the position, especially with a JAG at QB. I'd lean towards a better blocking TE vs the sexy route runner, but that may be short sighted for 2019. Perhaps Josh Oliver from San Jose State?

Lastly, I would have to agree with you about OL. Depth is the name of the game here. Let's roll with the guys we have, but get some projects that can pan out to replace the old guys. It always gives me pause when I hear people talk about our O-Line as a strength. Yes, our starters are excellent at times when healthy, but they all get hurt. Always. It's an inevitability of the position, and needs to be treated as such.

All and all, If I was the GM, I would build around the young core and auction off the older players that still have value. I know BA and DS do not think this way, and so I fear an 8-8 type season looms ahead. We shall see.
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