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Re: Redskins Mock Draft

Originally Posted by skinsnut View Post
I seriously doubt we get that lucky 3 years in a row.

The only "superstar" I see potentially dropping to 15 is Hockenson (TE), mainly due to his position. Although a need....not a critical one for the skins. I actually think this is the best scenario as the Skins would be forced to either take him, OR they would have actual substantial leverage at the 15th pick to trade down.

We also need to pay attention to who we are ahead of, the Panthers.

Who need Edge like us, which is irrelevant as we would definitely take an edge guy vs a trade down.

However, they also need an OT, which MAY fall.

Teams may trade if there is OT in our lap, as the Panthers will be drooling, so someone else may want to jump over them to get one, perhaps Houston or Vikings.

So, best case for trade down is probably depends on whether Hockensen or OT falls to us.
Y TE is one of the biggest needs on the team.

The entire run scheme is built on the position and we don't have one.

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