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Re: Redskins dominating the 1st round

I never in a million years saw that trade happening last night. I was a nervous wreck all day that they were gunna trade up early. They stood their ground and Iím ecstatic.

If we can keep the momentum rolling into today and walk away with a WR and OG. I donít care what route they go on Saturday.

Some of the guys I got my eye on:
JJ Arcega-Whiteside or Emanuel Hall as deep threats
Riley Ridley or Jalen Hurd as a slot. Hurd we could prob get in the 5th or later and he was a beast of a running back at Tennessee before transferring to Baylor. He still has a bit of learning to do. But the depth he would add as a last ditch running back would be worth it to me.

Guard id love to see ya get Micheal Jordan. Heís still a little raw but I feel that he has the best upside from the interior players.

If Ryan Finley drops low enough I wouldnít mind ya going ahead and picking up Colts replacement as a backup.
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