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Re: Dwayne Haskins

I think Sandtrap is probably right, we got the best QB in the draft, or at least a guy who's tied for best with Murray. The question is whether there are ANY QBs in this draft who are capable of joining the top 10 at the position. It might just be a weak class.

At the same time, you point to a lot of positives. Haskins has more mobility than he gets credit for. He has performed in crunch moments, I watched the PSU game where he brought them back from the dead on his back to win that game. And where 247 sees a guy who looks chunky, I see a guy who looks like Big Ben and may have the same ability to shake tacklers off to extend plays.

His performance will be limited if we can't get him some weapons. Same with Alex, same with Colt, same with Case, same with anybody. But we're not going to solve that this year - we need talented WRs.

Haskins gives you enough reasons to feel good about taking a shot without having to trade up.
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