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Re: NFL Coaching Rumors and Moves

Originally Posted by CrustyRedskin View Post
The Cow pokes made a good hire with Rob Ryan IMO. He had a good presser yesterday, Jason Garrett is all about wearing ties and being on time, Rob Ryan comes in Drops an F bomb in the first 30seconds of his presser!!! So maybe there will be some strife, i sure hope so. Any of the Ryans > Jim Hasslett
Sure hope there isn't any strife, but who knows these days. I certainly do admire Ryans "no nonsense" approach. But Garret really needed someone in there on defense he could essentially "hand the reigns too". Garret will have his hands full as HC and running the offense. He even brought in a proven WR coach from Green Bay who will be more like as "Asst Offensive Coordinator" to help with some of the load.
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