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Re: Redskins Salary Cap Status - 2020

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Sorry to hear that. I guess heavy weight lifting and pulling “g’s” (gravitational) forces are the same. I thought it was super-cool to fly fighters at 50 years old. Maybe I was a super-fool. Lol.

Not to make too much of a plug for myself but I have written a book about leadership and my time in Iraq. It’s called:

“CRISIS IN BAGHDAD: Leadership in a Risk Adverse Environment”. It’s available on Amazon. If anyone get’s it tell me what you think.

I make a little beer money on each book, so help me get a Guinness! Lol.

When I’m not posting here I’m writing my second book about A-10 flying in Afghanistan, after 9/11. It will be called:


Hope to finish by the end of the year. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Thanks for all those who offered their support - really means something.

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That is really awesome Warthog . I will have to get that book , You are one awesome dude !
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