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Re: If Smith returns....HYPOTHETICALLY speaking.....

Originally Posted by REDSKINS4ever View Post
Heading into 2019 I think the team built on what it had done for the 1st 9 games in 2018....they draft a QB, WR, edge rusher and start winning games the next season(2019)......I really do stronngly believe this could really my fictitious scenario should the Redskins part with Smith or keep him after 2020 ?
Looks like you see the first half of 2018 as an indicator of the future and I see the last half as such. I think the 6-3 start last year was built on a house of cards, the Redskins got lots of breaks. Even if Smith doesn't go down that team would not end up continuing that pace and win 10 or 11 games.
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