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Re: Who will be the next coach of the Redskins and does it even freakin matter?

Originally Posted by MTK View Post
SVP nailed it last night on his one big thing segment, look it up if you haven't seen it yet.

20 years of this garbage, nothing is changing, the Skins are who they are.

I stopped investing much emotionally a few years ago, I used to watch every single snap, now if they fall behind I turn it off or turn to a better game. Or if better plans come up I'll record the game and go back and watch it after (which I rarely do since they're just not worth watching most of the time). Haven't bought any Skins merch in at least 2 years either. At this point I look forward to the Mets season much more than the Skins.

Sucks but it is what it is. Snyder has wrecked this team.
Agree with this 100%.

The real problem with the Skins is that everyone sees what they are except for the Skins. The Skins are way worse than Miami because Miami has accepted what they are are is doing what they have to do to get better. The Skins are still in denial that they are garbage and from what Bruce said yesterday, the organization thinks they are close to being good. Until the Skins stop lying to themselves and their fans nothing will change.
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