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Re: DHall thinks Bill Callahan could get the HC job next year

Originally Posted by jamf View Post
Snyder does thing in patterns.
He went Veteran QB to Rookie QB to Vet to Rook to Vet back to Rook.
He does the same with coaches. Gruden was a first time HC in the NFL, The next HC will be a proven veteran HC with superbowl experience.

The Redskins 2020 Coaching staff will be:
HC - Dick Vermeil
OC - Kurt Warner
DC - Landon Flecther
GM - Kay Adams

Im not sure Vermeil is alive but we could Ginzberg that fucker if needed.
Vermeil is alive and healthy but 82 years old. I know you are joking, but even if he was 30 years younger the Redskins after having a softie like Jay Gruden definitely do not need a coach who cries at press conferences.

I wonder what would happen in today's NFL if you had a hard ass like Vince Lombardi as a head coach.
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