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Re: Trent Williams ends season-long holdout, rejoins Redskins

Originally Posted by mooby View Post

My takeaway from this whole story is that if a valuable player doesn't want to be here, you trade him to the highest bidder. Fucking Bruce Allen strikes again.
My personal takeaway is that Trent is a big baby. He's blaming the organization for his own lack of taking ownership over his own health care. It was reported that they recommended that he see a specialist and he didn't. Even if that weren't true, the team trainers are not dermatologists or oncologists. They can be expected to properly diagnose some rare form of cancer. And their not doing so is no justifiable reason to breach his contract and demand a trade.

And Trents upset that his co-workers didn't travel 700 miles from DC to Chicago to visit him in the offseason? So what? Who of us works with co-workers that would? Friends and family - sure.

I'm glad Trent spoke today because its cleared up that he is 100% to blame for this fiasco. If there was ever a first round pick on the table for Trent and Allen didn't take it, i'd be pissed at Allen. But anything less than that, and I actually think this is the one time the team got it right. I would not let a whining POS like trent force his way out of town 3 years after I made him the highest paid LT in the game in a front-loaded contract with 2 years remaining on his deal. So I applaud the team for not caving to his demands.
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