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Re: Bucs beat down postgame

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
Yeah the Larsen whiff is pretty ugly ^^ But the big man had a very decent game. When our Olinmen started to go down I was like "oh jeez we going full Catalina and Bergstorm again...", but they more than exceeded expectations.

Has Ron (and/or JDR but I doubt the later said anything) been asked about that 4th down sneak ? Brady is so good at it he may very well be getting it no matter what we do on that distance, but man I was like "so the whole world minus our Defense and staff knew it was going to be a QB sneak ?"...
4th and under 1, Brady is the qb, what would be the first play they try that should come to mind? QB sneak - easily. The choice of formation for our D on that play was terrible.
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